CountU serious products have 5 ATM water resistance level, which were tested by the provider.

CountU Goal can be used in open water, such as lake, sea, or river. If you want vibrate alarm function, time alarm mode is good for open water swimming. On the other hand, you could set lap alarm mode or time alarm mode in pool swimming. But remember, clean it with fresh water after your open water exercise.

Please press all these two buttons with your finger tip, never with nail tip or other sharp objects, which will damage the products. In order to avoid inadvertently bumping the button, a little firm tactile function button was designed specially.

These scenarios are not recommended, which will age the water proof system or damage the battery. Please review the user manual before using it.

Unless you reset the CountU to zero, the record will be shown before the battery was used up.

Actually, CountU full adjustable strap fits all sizes fingers comfortably and securely, with circumference from 1.58in to 3.7in, equal to Ring Size 11½ to 22¾. Sometimes, you could wear CountU on you index finger, even in running glove.

Yes. In basic timing/counting function,CountU parameter is Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Sequence number of the fastest lap, Lap time of the fastest lap, Sequence number of the slowest lap, Lap time of the slowest lap, individual lap time for each lap, and the pause function.

  • CountU serious products have the following advantages, comparing with the swimming watch with automatic motion sensor:
    CountU can record the swimming data, no matter what the swimmer’s level is, no matter if the swimmer can swimming turn, and no matter how the swimming pool’s condition is. On the other hand, automatic swimming watch always can’t make correct record because of the different swimming level or crowded pool;
  • CountU can show all parameters directly on its screen, instead of synchronizing with smart phone tediously;
  • CountU’s vibrate alarm with finger alert users more obviously and more effectively, comparing traditional vibrating user’s arm with wrist watch;
  • Tiny size make more convenient and portable, without any interference to your exercise or work;
  • Widely application for running, cycling, experiments, fishing, not only for swimming.